Episode 31 -Bukkake, But in a Skillet

Alyssa actually has something to vent about— You guessed it. Screenwriting! We rag on various screenplay services, and briefly discuss management/representatives. This might be the most Alyssa has said in any one episode. Eddie has a coworker that’s a nice person, and he can’t handle it, so he attempts to bore her to death, but only succeeds in boring Alyssa, by putting her and you, dear Shitheads, through the same passive aggressive abuse as said coworker (who, spoiler alert, was super into it). We answer some listener questions, we talk about poop, we get into it a little talking about the Oregon man whose girlfriend katana’d him, and, while we talk about the Podern Madness Twitter polls in this episode (thank you again for your support), that shit got extra ugly after recording this ep. (feel free to look it up on Twitter if you’re curious). Basically, some sore loser accused us of cheating, and we ask him to prove it. Hours later we miraculously have an absurd number of votes, obviously paid for with an online cheat service. We assume this guy spent $50-80 to shame the Let’s Get Shitty Show. Little does he know, we do that ourselves, just about every other week or so. Thanks for listening, btw. :)

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